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The phenomenon of beaching is an intriguing one. Scientists still don’t fully understand what makes whales strand themselves, but some have theorized that problems in the whales’ navigation and communication abilities may prompt the mistake. “Beaching” explores the connection between the broken human soul and these whales who swim right up onto the sand. Our ability to be in touch with our truest spirit can’t always occur in isolation, and some people traverse depths where human connection and joy become compromised, barricaded or forgotten. For both humankind and whalekind, it becomes difficult to find one’s way. “Beaching” reminds us of our social responsibility to do what we can to call back those who become stranded in this kind of suffering.

Read the full piece and listen to an author recording in Split Rock Review. Issue 7, Fall 2016.


Pushcart Prize Nominated

“Eveningtime” is a study in simple words, sounds, and lines. It explores the ways that devotion makes us feel able to reach past the impossibility of permanence. The cyclical nature of longing provides the filter through which the poem operates.

Read the full piece featured in Psaltery & Lyre, September 25, 2017. 

The Autumn Bee

This poem explores the idea of the aging body and the dogged strength it takes to inhabit it. We are still ourselves, even as we lose our sight, our hearing, our reliable balance.

“The Autumn Bee” was published in the Fall 2017 issue of Sheepshead Review. (Journal appears in print only. Archived issues available.)