Fiction & Flash

“Grade 7, 1999 – Catholic School B-Side” Read it in HAD. 2024.

“Topside, Topside, Do You Read Me?” Read it in Fish Gather to Listen (Print anthology). 2023.

“They Only Eat the Dead”Read it in Issue No. 7 of Marrow Magazine. 2023.

“It All Moves Like Anything Else”Read it in Issue No. 8: Otherworlds of Lit Angels Journal. 2023.

“Missive from the Last Satellite to the Mariana Snailfish” Pushcart Prize Nominated.Read it in Issue No. 2 of Fauxmoir. 2022.

“The Finest of Android Culinaries”Read it in Issue No. 5: Alternate Dimensions of Ab Terra Flash Fiction. 2021.

brown and white moth on white surface

“An Error”Read it in Volume 1, Issue No. 4 of Club Plum Literary Journal. 2019.